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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Learn Android through some code...

I have been pretty busy lately and didn't really get a chance to post anything new here, which is a big shame by the way...however I have had quite a few requests asking for the source code of EbaySearch application and TicTacToe Game that I have used to demonstrate 2D features in Android. so finally I decided to create a couple of projects in GitHub and put all the source codes there for anybody who might be interested. there are 2 separate repositories which can be found at :

1- EbaySearch
2- TicTacToe

Please remember these codes have been written a long time ago(relatively) using Android SDK 5 (Android 1.6) and honestly I haven't tested them lately to make sure if they are still OK, consequently there is no guarantee that they work properly on newer versions, Although I doubt if there is any major problem getting them to work on newer versions unless something has been changed dramatically in newer versions and broken the code.
nonetheless I thought this would be helpful for anyone who prefers to learn Android through some real code rather than reading books and stuff or is just curious about the full source code of those applications which as it turn out lots of people are ;)
the last thing I'd like to add is although there is a lot to learn from these source codes, please don't forget that they have all been written for experimental purposes and they might not be the best possible way to go in some circumstances...

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eu4 console commands said...

great job bro. one problem though and i think i speak for everybody that watched this vid. you need to zoom the screen next time u do a vid like this, i'm a developer myself so i knew what you were doing but i'm just saying it was kinda hard to see some of the stuff you had on the screen but great job #tumbsUp