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Saturday, December 19, 2009

When Android takes me beyond the time!!!

To be honest I cannot get this question out of my mind that what's gonna happen in future? i mean how do you envision our future? if you had asked someone(even a computer professional) about the future of internet and web just 15 years ago, they would have probably had no idea how powerful it was going to be. It is so funny but sometimes i have a feeling as if internet has always been around, i cannot remember what we used to do without internet back then.
Actually I believe the concept of computer is somehow getting mature, The first period was the wave of modern Operating Systems and the concept of GUI, say since early 80s till mid 90s; The second Wave was internet and the concept of remote services, roughly since mid 90s till now. and when you look around yourself you can smell the third wave, it has already begun...Mobile phones are no longer just a simple phone, you hear something like 1Ghz processor mobile phones with 256Mb Ram and you remember just 10 years ago when you were bragging about your new pentium3 PC which was just 600Mhz and you were lucky if you had 256 RAM!!!
and more importantly when you are coding using Android API and somehow get involved with this mobile application industry, you sometimes see something that was not more than a dream and fantasy just 5 years ago... but not anymore.

I envision a future in which ordinary computer users wouldn't need a big PC (by PC I mean any kind of Personal Computer regardless of its OS) or Laptop to get what they want, all they need would be achievable using their mobile phones, and nobody will even bother themselves to use these boring, old-fashion devices unless you are a professional user or you might say a gamer ;) .
But what's gonna happen for pc? Will it just die out? I dont think so....I think we will see a revolution! When smart phones are able to do what a PC can, it is a sign that something should get changed...step up time.
But how? I bet you ,like anyone else i know, use your computer mostly to get different types of remote services either web-based or means GUI and Remote services are paying off, but it is so heavy weight, have you ever felt this? actually we're all feeling that and that's why we go and buy ourselves a smart phone; checking your email, chatting with your friends, Twitter, Facebook, Flicker ,Google maps , GPS applications, Bluetooth applications, taking high quality pictures, recording video, browsing through web and you can also give a call to a friend if it is necessary...all of these services and capabilities with a device as big as your palm...and that is what I'd like to call it Technology Transparency...if the first wave was the concept of GUI and Human computer interaction and the second one was Web and Remote services ,I would say the third one is the concept of Mobility and Technology Transparency.
Users by no means want to get dependent or limited, they want to get what they want whenever, wherever without any hassle, and that's why we need wireless communication...nobody is willing to figure out which wire should go where or what is the difference between this and that kind of sockets....and that is the reason behind Wireless sensor networks, we want to use some tiny sensors and just chuck them somewhere and without any configuration or any hassle they start serving us...and that is why we love smart phones, we don’t like to have to go to some particular place to get access to some basic services, we just want to pull our phone out of our pocket ,of course a touch screen one because button is not transparent enough!!, and get what we want... boundless and transparent services.

when you analyse all these facts you get the impression that Chrome OS concept is a pretty possible candidate for future PCs, current PCs structure and Their operating systems are too difficult to deal with and a real headache for ordinary users who want to get some benefit out of it as fast and transparent as possible, having said that and taking account of this fact that high speed internet connections are becoming available for anyone and thank to Web2.0(which is a good example of Technology Transparency itself) many software giants have started or at least have been considering to provide an online versions of their products which means you would no longer need to have a Microsoft office, Adobe reader or Winamp installed on your local computer, although you might need them on you mobile phone and could have them installed there...
Fair enough, so you will not need a HD when you don’t want to install any software unless you need to store something, interestingly enough there are already some web-based services which allow you to store your stuff. all these things means that you would be able to get rid of your old-fashion OS (specially because you are already dealing with one on your mobile phone) and your HD and any hassle related to them such as organizing issues and security issues and let it to be taken care of by someone else(Transparently).
all you will need is a high speed connection and a OS which works as a gateway between your computer and infinite online services out there, I also think we will need something more than web and html, we will need some layer on top of web or at least beside it to make the whole thing more smooth and accessible (I mean Transparent ;) ).
That’s how I envision our future and what i call it Mobility and Technology Transparency wave. What’s your thought? How do you envision our future? and why?

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Vk Hooda said...

I am novice android developer and read out all your blogs..First of all Thanks for your nice blog.. I am so impressed from your creative deem about android future that i cant tell you Mr. Amir.I deem that i can give answer of this blog after a time when i will be advance android professional.. All the best for future..