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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sprint Challenges Developers to Create Innovative 4G Apps

I just received this E-mail, sounds like a great opportunity for anyone who is up for a little bit of challenge, I would definitely give it a go if I wasn't dead busy at the moment....

here it goes:

Developing mobile applications is very exciting. From developing the concept, building out wireframes, all the way to launch, seeing your creation come to life is very gratifying as a developer. Sprint recognizes this gratification, and wants to continue that feeling by inviting you and your blog audience to a unique app development contest.

Sprint is leading the way with 4G speed, and wants to place some Android app developers in the lime light to showcase what they can do when 4G is thrown into the mix. Sprint, along with partners Wired, Reddit and Ars Technica have created the Sprint 4G App Challenge, a contest to develop 4G mobile applications to demonstrate the benefits and features of a 4G application.

Below contains information regarding the contest

All app submissions must fall within one of the following categories:

Video, Multimedia & Augmented Reality


Productivity, Business & Utilities

Social Networking


Submission phase: Today through November 5th

Category judging will take place in November by representatives from Wired, Reddit, ArsTechnica and Sprint, and the winners will be announced at the Wired Store on December 16th.



1 year membership to Sprint’s Professional Developers Program

250 hours for the Virtual Developer Lab

1 Evo device with 1 year service

Press announcements promoting winning apps

For more information on developing and submitting an application into the Sprint 4G App Challenge, please visit:

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